Hostal Restaurante Mirador Río Blanco: Bird Watching

Posted September 12, 2017

Over the past 7 years we have managed to recover 70% of the property forest, reforesting with native species, this more the constancy of keeping canteens have attracted more than 200 species of birds that we have registered inside of Mirador Río Blanco.

On any given day the tourist can observe more than forty species, among these about 18 species of hummingbirds. It stands out the small green thorn tail, that say of the toucans that stand three meters from our dining room, definitely the dream of every observer.

The BirdLife International Organization defines the Chocó area as one of the most important bird endemic areas in El Mundo, is a dream that Mirador Río Blanco is in the reserve of the forest protector and the area of ​​Chocó. Hook - billed Kite

Short-Tailed Hawk

Collared Forest - Falcon

White - tipped Dove

Sickle - winged Guan

White - throated Crake

Blue - headed Parrot

Pale - Mandibled Aracari

Chesnut - Mandibled Toucan

Wedge - billed Woodcreeper

Smoky - brown Woodpecker

Black - cheecked Woodpecker

Golden - faced Tyrannulet

Streaked - necked Flycatcher

Slavia - capped Flycatcher

Yellow - bellied Elaenia

Common Tody - Flycatcher

Scale - crested Pygmy - Tyrant Fulvous - crested Flatbill

Rufous - winged Tyrannulet