Fotobirding in Sant Adrià de Besòs

Posted September 12, 2017

With respect to previous years, fewer movements of waders are being detected by this time, in the final section of the river Besos, is being a very loose step "is the comment among birdwatchers in Sant Adrià

In general and throughout the territory, Delta del Llobregat, Serra de Marina," is currently being a migration I do not know why it is happening, I intuit that the greater anthropization is the general cause of it, added to the presence of dogs and cats, does not favor that the birds in their trip to the north

So when one of these birds is observed is a reason for celebration: we have seen in the sand bar the we correlate tridactyl , more persistent is the presence of a female stilt , which for a few days can be observed near the tracks of the train, yesterday also could see a solitary copy of arc hibebe .

With respect to the little plover, they are still here but not yet in the number of copies of other years.

Remember and keep in mind, do not disturb birds , as they are now in incubation-breeding season. And above all to avoid situations like the one happened last week, a female blue mallard and its chickens were attacked by a dog that was introduced in the bed of the river.
The result of the lamentable episode: death of the duck while defending its young , orphan pups that are no longer seen.

Andarríos chico and common Archibebe in the channel of the river Besós

Common cigouñuela (female)