Apple Watch Series 3 announced: Top features, price, availability, and more

Posted September 12, 2017

Apple released its third smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3, and it looks almost identical to Apple's previous two watches, but-finally-it doesn't require you to stay tethered your phone.

The original Apple Watch made a big splash. It also features much more extensive heart care. Most of the rest of the changes are cosmetic and pretty subtle.

The Apple Watch will feature new chips and new antenna.

Apple Watch - the number one watch in the world - now has an LTE variant, distinguishable by a red crown. We didn't hear anything about Apple Watch games, which is telling in so many ways. The analyst's thought, though, was that it would only be for data connectivity.

They've also introduced new bands and watch faces for its Nike and Hermes partnerships. We also spotted as a signal meter. The phone complication hinted at calling capabilities, which were confirmed by Apple during the event. It is very handy when you are working on a project or busy with your hands.

There's even a new altimeter sensor built into the watch that can be used for creating apps for skiing and snowboarding, all of which is fit inside a case that Apple says is the same as the Apple Watch Series 2.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has the potential to extend recent sales gains by boosting the device's functionality, analysts said.

Despite releasing the Apple Watch Series 2 just one year ago in September 2016, Apple has chose to amp up its game with a new device in the lineup: the Apple Watch Series 3.

There are new colours and bands, including a sporty loop band, new colours for the Nike versions and a new rose gold aluminium version.

Inside the Apple Watch 2 and Apple 3 you can also find an accelerometer, a Global Positioning System sensor and a heart rate monitor round back. You can choose to answer and transfer a call to the iPhone. Apple watch will notify you when there is an elevated heart rate when you are not doing something physical with many more improvements for better hear rate monitoring with Apple heart study.

It's also available in new colors.

In addition, Apple's voice assistant Siri can now talk on Series 3, so you do not need to look at the Apple Watch screen to see what Siri is saying. The watch is available for preorder starting September 15, and will be available to purchase on September 22.