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Posted September 10, 2017

The Black Mountain Botanical Garden (in French: Jardin Botanique des Montagnes Noires) is a privately owned botanical garden and arboretum of 6 hectares

Jardin Botanique des Montagnes Noires Spézet, Finistère, Bretagne, France- France.

Satellite plans and views, 48 ​​° 10'32.52 "N 3 ° 43'38.64" W / 48.1757000, -3.7274000

It is open daily all year round at general public. An entrance fee is charged.

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Created in 1995, the garden is designed in landscaping spaces. Primarily dedicated to conifers, symbols of the poor and acidic lands, whose needles and cones to shapes and multiple colors according to the seasons.

Created by André Cozic , arbolist a passionate collector and a passionate collector, he wanted to demonstrate to his visitors, experts or neophytes, that the conception and maintenance of a garden are long-term.

André took care in arranging each space, according to its size, its flowering, you can have in each season a garden where it is pleasant to live, with an easy maintenance, according to the wishes of each one.