Jaguar's E-Type Zero Is A Classic Car With An Electric Heart

Posted September 07, 2017

It has all the familiar curves, but there's one crucial difference: yes, Jaguar has unveiled an electric version of its iconic E-Type.

Jaguar Land Rover has set out its commitment to the electrification of its vehicles, saying that all new vehicles from 2020 will come with electric options, be that fully electric, plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid.

This hints strongly at the future of Jaguar, who today also announced that from 2020 all new Jaguar Model lines would be electrified. With its sleek design and modern features sets it apart as one of the most attractive electric cars out there.

The similarities to Volvo's initiative extend to encompass the wrinkle that neither Jaguar nor Land Rover is seeking to embrace an entirely-electric future just yet.

As for other models, industry speculation suggests that some recent Jaguar trademarks give away clues to future models.

Then there's the I-Pace - a new purely electric SUV, which is clearly based on the existing petrol-guzzling I-Pace. The Zero is based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-type Roadster, which is externally nearly identical to a conventional auto.

Jaguar Land Rover is revealing the intelligent and connected steering wheel of the future during the inaugural Tech Fest at Central St Martins art, design and technology college in London, UK.

Called the E-Type Zero, it is a full second faster to 100km/h than the original E-Type and can cover 170 miles on a single charge.

Speth cites that one plus point of moving to electric cars is that it allows the company to grow its global workforce of 40,000 by 10,000.

Still, to suggest it was a simple swap from the Jaguar XK six-cylinder engine that once was underneath the E-Type's curvaceous hood is to do the engineers a disservice. It will also do 0-62mph in just 5.5 seconds. The company is also expected to present a concept for a voice-activated, detachable steering wheel.

The Future-Type is described as "a premium compact on-demand vehicle concept, created to meet the needs of future generations". It has also made an electric concept auto of its classic E-type model - but there are no plans so far to put it into production.

There'll be a fleet of these Future-Type concepts, available on demand, summoned via Sayer.

We're less convinced about the company's promise it will offer a "dynamic, emotional experience" however - there still seems like a large degree of disconnection between what dynamic and emotional traits mean to people like us and what they mean to companies desperately scrabbling to remain relevant as tastes and trends change.