New design, more range, all electric — Nissan Leaf

Posted September 06, 2017

India's recently announced plans of going all electric by 2030, and that has been the fuel for many a heated discussion about which electric auto will drive India's future. The pricing of the new-gen Nissan Leaf will be crucial as it has staunch rivals in the form of Chevy Bolt EV and the Tesla Model 3. The 2017 Leaf has a driving range of 107 miles and a sticker price of $31,000. It goes on sale in Japan this October and it will launch worldwide early next year.

"We believe the new LEAF will be another game changer for Nissan in the USA, just as the redesigned Rogue has been in the a year ago and a half, hitting the "sweet spot" in the growing EV segment", said Muñoz.

A NEW Nissan Leaf has been unveiled with a 235-mile range - and it's packed with clever technology to make driving a breeze.

Electric cars tend to achieve about 20-25% below the European quoted figures in real-world tests. It lets drivers start, accelerate, decelerate and stop by using only the accelerator. The vehicle will begin to accelerate when the pedal is kept down.

There's also ProPILOT Park, a clever park-assist system that Nissan says will get a vehicle into a parking bay at the press of a button.

Some of the autonomous-like features include ProPILOT Park technology which is capable of taking over the accelerator, brakes, and steering to guide the vehicle into a parking space.

The system can handle parallel parking, according to the firm, and can deal with up to seven-point turns. For city driving, the E-Pedal will do just fine but if on the highway, it can potentially cause problems to other road users. That compares with 238 miles for the Chevy Bolt, unveiled past year, and 220 miles for the Model 3, launched in late July. Tesla's Model S has given luxury mainstays like BMW and Mercedes a run for their money while the new Model 3 also has won plaudits for its design. It starts at about $38,000 (£29,150).

"There really is no outstanding attractive quality about an electric vehicle", he said, noting drawbacks such as finding charging stations, as well as the time needed to charge.

2018 Nissan Leaf Leaves Fans Sweating Over E-Pedal
New 2018 Nissan Leaf EV Arrives Tonight

Nissan has revealed the first details of the next-generation of its all-electric Leaf hatchback ahead of its premiere at the Frankfurt motor show next week.

"I'm not at all anxious about cross-shopping" the Leaf and Model S, Mr Schillaci said in an interview.

The Leaf seems to also trail Tesla on in-car technology.

"You're getting a lot less range but you're paying a lot less", he said.

Apart from improved design, the new Nissan Leaf gets improved battery life as well.

Despite of heavy investment in electric vehicles still represent only a fraction of conventional vehicle sales. Reckon it's done enough to make this one bigger selling still?

Inside and outside, the Leaf is a compact family vehicle, though the design is a bit sleeker and sportier than that of its predecessor.