Swift in court over alleged groping

Posted August 11, 2017

Throughout her entire time on the stand, Taylor remained cool and calm and stood firm. She insisted that, contrary to Mueller's assertion that he may have just grazed her ribs with his elbow, his hand was indeed under her skirt.

She said she and Mueller started out as co-workers at radio station KYGO-FM and became romantically involved in February 2013.

A picture of Swift, Mueller and his girlfriend is a key piece of evidence in the lawsuit - with lawyers for the singer claiming it is "damning" proof that the presenter touched her backside. To the one who was the celebrity the better paid of 2016, it calls for $ 3 million.

The pop superstar dismissed attempts to dissuade her from her story and rejected the suggestion that she had continued greeting guests for as long as 30 minutes after the alleged assault as if nothing had happened.

Bell is a longtime friend of Swift's father, Scott Swift, who was in court watching the proceedings.

And in true mic drop fashion, her attorney simply addressed the judge and said, "Absolutely no further questions, your honor". He says he was standing nearby and could see both the front and back of Swift.

Swift countersued Mueller, claiming sexual assault.

Swift's attorney J. Douglas Baldridge did not cross-examine the pop star.

Taylor Swift's ex-bodyguard has backed her sex assault claims by testifying that he saw a radio DJ reach under her skirt at a 2013 concert.

Dent and Simbeck are listed as possible witnesses in the Denver trial.

Someone would have had to have been underneath her to see the groping 'and we didn't have anyone positioned there, ' Swift said, drawing laughs in the Denver courtroom.

"She (Taylor) couldn't believe that after he grabbed her, that she thanked them for being there", Andrea recalled.

In September 2015, Mueller sued Swift for the loss of his job and lost business opportunities the accusations and negative publicity have caused. Vogue reports the lawyer then asked Swift if she was critical of Dent for not preventing the alleged incident.

"This is not something that I wanted people to know", she said.

He said his hand was at rib-cage level and "apparently it went down".

The trial has attracted Swift fans.

Wednesday's court proceedings were delayed by a closed evidentiary hearing that lasted almost two hours.

To this Swift replied, "Your client could have taken a normal photo with me". "I hope she feels supported and knows she has a team behind her".

McFarland asked Call if the radio station had been planning to fire Mueller before the June 2 incident.

During her testimony, Taylor was asked by David's attorney Gabriel McFarland whether the DJ got "what he deserved".

Mr Dent explained he did not act because "he didn't sense danger after he touched her", and Ms Swift did not signal that he should intervene.

Swift was 23 at that time while the DJ was 51.

We'll let you read them for yourself.

She added she had not confronted the DJ or cancelled the event as she did not want to upset other fans who were there.

Swift is expected to testify.