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Posted August 11, 2017

Hello chic @ s !! How are you doing??

Yes, miracle, I'm updating the blog ... At last I could make myself a little bit to dedicate to this thing that I like so much. I tell you that with Reby, a 3 year old baby that is terrible! and with Leon 6 months, I was quite complicated to be able to have a time in peace to dedicate to the blog, I kept always updated my instagram that is where I move, and now I'm also updating daily facebook page that I find more comfortable because I can do it from the tablet or the cell phone, which with the blog is more difficult ...
Well, let's what we come:)

And so I'm ready to rest, and with a clear conscience that the next day the skin will be in optimal conditions for makeup, and even if I do not make-up it will look shiny:)

So far with the daily routine,

Now I come to tell you my weekly nightly routine and depending on the demands of my skin I do it two to three times a week.

After The cleaning and before the hydration use these masks, that I intercalando as you need.

The first is the Avon Solutions Clean deep cleansing facial mask , according to avon "Clean and remove excess fat in a single application, as well as exfoliate"

It is a clay mask that has small granulites, is left on the face for 10-15 minutes until it dries well and is removed with plenty of water, I use to remove a sponge that is shown below. This mask I like very much, although I have dry skin to sensitive it comes to me excellent I use it at most twice a week and after continuous application with night hydration, the other day my skin looks excellent super soft and clean, I personally feel it but also smooth although it is not formulated for that, my skin gives that result, that is why I like it so much, besides the price is very economic, and even more when we find it on offer.

Another mask I use is Avon Care Cucumber Mask Refreshing Face Mask Peel Off is used mostly in summer, it is formulated with cucumber and green tea that helps to remove impurities and relax the skin of the face, is that gel type mask that you put it on and when it dries you pull it off (more or less like a finite layer of skin) is quite refreshing so it comes re good in summer and gives good results. P>

Always after using the masks and before moisturizing the face I apply this Avéne Thermal Water , to soothe and refresh the face and as I have sensitive skin sometimes after the masks or the exfoliation appear Some red, with this water desensibilizo very well the skin of the face, I gave excellent results and although I use it quite rine a lot!

Another thing that I do 3 or 4 times a week is to apply on my lashes and lips this Amodil Almond Oil , I applied it on the eyelashes with a swab to keep them healthy since Day by day the mask of eyelashes waterproof weakens, many believe that also serves to lengthen them but I do not think it, I have been using it for quite a while and it does not vary much the length. In my case it serves to nourish them no more. In the case of the lips I apply it with the fingers giving soft massages, my lips are very, but very dry and tend to hurt, this oil keeps the moisture in them enough.

And finally I show you the tools that I Help to apply or remove these products, 1- Baby cotton baby cloths I use it with micellar water and eye make-up remover. 2- Calypso Face Vegetable Sponge: use to remove face masks. 3-Amodil Facial Brush: I use it with the Cetaphil lotion to clean the face thoroughly. 4-Swabs: These use with micellar water to remove all the rest of reimel and eyeliner in the eyes and to apply the oil of almonds. 5- Towel for the face: it is important that we always use a clean.

Well that's all for now, tell me if we match any products or which ones you use. That I want to recommend I want to thank a lot of the girls who even in my absence went through the blog to have a look and to those who commented. <3 I hope you have a beautiful weekend.