'Bachelorette' Rachel Chooses Bryan, Proving Nice Guys Get The Girl Sometimes

Posted August 08, 2017

This story contains substantial details from Monday's season finale of ABC's The Bachelorette.

After nearly three months of having to choose from 31 male contestants, #rachel lindsay finally made a decision to give her heart to #Bryan Abasolo during the final episode of "The Bachelorette" season 13 aired on Monday. Trista was the very first Bachelorette contestant who just so happened to make it to the alter with the man who won the show. It is worth noting that even before the season premiered in May, the Dallas-based attorney had already revealed her engagement to the victor. They have a tough talk with lots of crying and it finally wears Peter down and he says he will ask her to marry him to prove to her that he does not want to lose her now, which is. well, not very romantic either. "It was frustrating to me, and then it's frustrating to hear so many people back that behavior up".

"It's emotional!" Rachel Lindsay says about her season of The Bachelorette on the grand three-hour finale. "When we first kissed, it was literally like a chemistry bomb that just exploded". Kraus and Abasolo were frontrunners from the first episode onwards, but Bigger captured Lindsay's heart more and more throughout the season.

After several tense discussions, a tearful Rachel was forced to walk away from the potential suitor, despite him telling her he loved her.

"[I am engaged] to someone from the show", she told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! several weeks ago. Last night, the breakdown was as follows: 31% frustration, 46% sadness, 23% happiness, 8% unnecessary sass and 1000% "well, guess I'm just gonna marry the 37-year-old chiropractor now and get on with it". If you need some clues about Rachel's choice, here's what she's said about the victor in the past.

Despite his indecision, he shared the fantasy suite with Rachel. He said he didn't recall saying it, and was as stunned as Rachel to relive the moment. Rachel was a BFF and a role model wrapped into one. They seem legitimately into one another, they take each other seriously, and Peter seems both grounded and capable of having fun.

It's official! Rachel Lindsay is engaged to Bryan Abasolo - and The Bachelorette has the Neil Lane ring to show for it. For quite some time, Reality Steve has been reporting Bryan Abasolo as the man who proposes to Rachel, and as always, everyone wants to know if the pair actually make it.

"Rachel my love, my rock!"

When Rachel is with Peter she does that smile we've all done before where we lose control of our facial muscles and they are stretched into a huge ass smile, the kind that prompts a voice in our heads to say, "Can you get it together with that smile, you look like a dummy!"

"Obviously it's odd to watch your fiance date thirty other guys".

In Spanish, Bryan told her that she was so pretty. Like, they don't see the essence of Bryan, and the love story that we have, and they're still fixated on the lack on commitment that Peter was showing. She was ready to send him home but chose to see it through.