Sing Out! 'S 60th Anniversary Song Quilt Project

Posted August 06, 2017

Here's how it works:

Each $ 25 contribution sposors the "song patch" on the quilt. Below you'll find a list of all the songs that have been shared in the pages of Sing Out! through the years, Clicking a song title will show you where that song lives on the "virtual quilt" We've created, and show you if that song is still available for sponsorship. Clicking the "stick pin" for that song will add it to a special check out page that will allow you to submit your reservation for that sponsorship (and your credit card information). Once we receive payment, we'll send you a "certificate of sponsorship" along with a receipt for your contribution!

  • Step 1: Browse the songs
  • Step 2: > Songs that are already sponsored are identified by a checkmark next to the song title. Step 3: Step 3: When you're ready to sponsor the song, click the "stick pin" and you'll be taken to a checkout page. (If you'd like to sponsor more than one song, write down the list to type in the form manually. . the script can only checkout one song at a time.) On the checkout form, you can also designate any additional sponsorship requests, like listing as a gift or in tribute.
  • Step 4: You'll receive a Certificate of Song Sponsorship and a receipt for your contribution in the mail Thanks!