Toomey calls health care setback 'devastating,' vows tax reform

Posted August 05, 2017

Sen. Alexander proposes that Congress authorize the payments - a goal sought by many Democrats - and also relax Obamacare regulations that require all policies to have coverage for 10 costly benefits, including maternity, newborn and pediatric services, chronic disease care, and mental health and substance abuse services.

"We are confident right now that we will be able to earn (Democrats') support with our tax reform agenda", said Marc Short, the White House director of legislative affairs. Thom Tillis, R-N.C. His Democratic co-sponsor, Chris Coons of DE, said constitutional due process "depends on a system of checks and balances, grounded in the fundamental premise that no one is above the law". Inasmuch as the Republicans control both houses of Congress plus the presidency, it's hard to see how the GOP could escape the blame for such a fiasco.

In a final burst of action Thursday, the Senate overwhelmingly approved a Food and Drug Administration funding bill, and agreed to more than 60 Trump administration nominees, more executive branch nominations in a single day than the Senate had approved all year to date. At the rate we're going, it may not be long until the GOP gets on board with a value-added tax or carbon tax!

"The usual historical trends heading into 2018 shouldn't be ignored", Kondik said.

Passage of the skinny repeal bill was touted as a way to further the core ideals of ACA repeal, while allowing negotiations with House Republicans on final repeal and replace legislation.

Conservative-leaning Blue Dog Democrats have hailed the party's "Better Deal" campaign message for its focus on the economy. He and his Democratic counterpart, Sen. (I-Vt.) and (D-Mass.), have overstepped in adopting aggressive proposals to rein in corporate power.

The federal government became more involved in what should be local matters, such as education. "They're willing to buck the party line on issues like this". This could potentially be the third Senate seat Democrats need to take the majority. September is going to be an awfully busy, and just plain bad, time for Republicans, as they have to deal with a slew of tricky items to keep the ship of state afloat.

Republicans want to pass a budget blueprint for the fiscal year beginning on October 1, an action that was supposed to have been taken care of long before the summer recess.

House Republicans passed legislation that would replace the Affordable Care Act with legislation that would leave 23 million more Americans without health care and the initial Senate GOP bill, drafted in secret without any public debate or committee hearings, would have left 22 million additional people uninsured, according to the CBO.

This step towards healthcare bipartisanship comes as a few GOPs consider an approach which is noticeably different from the stance taken by President Donald J. Trump. And even those vulnerable Republicans who opposed repeal, including Reps. "He's his own man", said one friend.

Many lawmakers, who ran for office on a platform of a complete repeal of Obamacare, object to what they see as an attempt to prop up Obamacare and offer a bailout to insurance companies.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, an Ecuadorian immigrant who made an unsuccessful bid for the state Senate in 2016, will announce on Wednesday that she's taking on Curbelo, the son of Cuban exiles.

"While still negative, the Democratic Party is ahead of the Republican Party in voter favorability: the Democrats get a negative 36-48 percent favorability, compared to the Republicans' negative 22-64 percent favorability - a new low".