Neem Oil Properties and Benefits - IMPORTANT!

Posted August 03, 2017

There are many oils that we have already explained in this blog. Today we want to tell you about Neem oil , probably one of the most unknown in the field of health and beauty. If you are wondering what it is for, it is a product that moisturizes in depth and contributes nutrients to the skin, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial power, and has a characteristic smell.

In this article we want to tell you everything related to Properties of Neem or Nim oil, how to use it, all its applications, tips for applying it correctly on the skin or for dogs. We will deny some miracles, discuss precautions and finally give you advice on where to buy this oily extract.

Neem oil properties, what's the use?

There are numerous and varied applications of Neem oil. That's why it has so many applications. Let's look at some of its natural qualities:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the deepest layers of the skin. It helps to maintain the structure of the cell membrane with its rich composition in essential fatty acids and the supply of antioxidant nutrients.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect . That is why sometimes it is combined with creams of creams of harpagofito in cases of arthritis or ostrosis.
  • It is a potent bactericidal , so it is very useful for the treatment of infections and other skin diseases.
  • Some dermatologists prefer it to treat acne and psoriasis instead of the rose hip another oil with great properties.
  • It is an emanogogue, since it stimulates circulation through the pelvic area.
  • Helps reduce fever.
  • unique but its smell is too strong. Sometimes it may be uncomfortable to apply it but there are cases where Neem is the best option.

You should know that the effectiveness of Neem oil varies depending on the area where you apply it. Let's look at it in parts:

Facial applications

On the face, combination with other natural ingredients such as argan oil or with the properties of sweet almond oil a potentiation of the effects of Neem . This is because there is a more varied presence of vitamins and fatty acids essential for cellular metabolism. You can use it alone, but I recommend that you try a mixture suitable for your skin type and take into account the appropriate doses. To know the best dose in your case, ask your dermatologist.

The most common uses of Neem oil on the face are to treat skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. >

El Ciudadano Atticus
El Ciudadano Atticus @atticuslex

If you combine it with other cosmetic ingredients, it will also serve as a remedy for the premature aging of the face. You will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging after prolonged use. You will also tone your cheekbones and appear much younger.

Hair applications

Again, antibacterial property plays a key role in the use of Neem oil on the hair < / strong>. You can apply it to remove lice or other infections . The best way to do this is through hair masks.

You can take advantage of the treatment or the elaboration of the homemade mask to combine it with Argan. In this way, you will achieve a straightening and repairing effect on the hair , as well as a release and volume, improving the condition of both the scalp and the open tips.

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To proceed with the exfoliation, simply apply a few drops of the mixture with Neem and perform small circular massages to remove layers of dead cells. There are those who use it for dogs.

As a natural insecticide

Many farmers use this oily extract as an insecticide. In fact, Indian and Burmese populations once used the vegetable on the body to fight insect bites.

In the field, it is widely used to prevent pest infestations, red spider or mosquitoes that invade crops , Especially that of marijuana. It also acts as a fungicide.

Why is it effective? because it has a bitter taste, a very effective repellent against insects.

Where is Neem oil most effective

Let's review the best properties of this oily extract < />

  • Mostly in skin infections and diseases such as mild acne, psoriasis or excess fat. Neem oil works by regulating the secretion of sebum , especially in the T zone (front and nose). This reduces granites.
  • In hypersensitivity problems . Conjugated with Argan, you will see that even the most sensitive skins can receive cosmetic treatments with this natural oil.
  • As antimosquitos . We have already discussed its antibacterial effect. If you apply it all over your body before bedtime, it will prevent mosquitoes from coming close to their bad smell.
  • It is a great natural exfoliant next to green clay or white clay .

Disclaiming Some Neem Miracles

Like any other cosmetic, take some precautions when using Neem oil should be taken into account as:

  • Avoid the eye contour area and direct contact with the eyelid.
  • Do not ingest oil.
  • If you are pregnant, you have severe skin problems or other uncommon symptoms for treatment until your doctor allows you to continue. Ul>