Simple Bird Feeder to Make and Feeding Guide

Posted Июля 28, 2017

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Marty and I love to watch the birds. In the summer, we have lots of brightly colored songbirds in our feeders. The yellow goldfinch and indigo bunting are a few of our favorites. We also have Baltimore Orioles and Cardinals who visit our yard as well. In the winter, all the brightly colored song birds fly south to warmer places. I do not blame them. Winters in Vermont are not nearly as nice as the warm summer days. We do not stop feeding the birds in the winter. Seeds are harder for the birds to find underneath than snow.

While we have several traditional bird feeders, sometimes I like to set out something extra for the birds. You may remember that I posted how to make your own suet for the birds and how to attract birds to your yard. I decided to share this simple bird feeder to make. You can use this instead of a traditional bird feeder or as an extra. They are easy to hang on to a tree branch and you do not need to worry about squirrel dragging them off or damaging them.

You can use any type of citrus including grapefruit, oranges or lemons for this bird feeder . I used a Meyer lemon since that is what I had on hand. The larger types of citrus will hold more bird feed than the smaller types.

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Slice the Meyer lemon in half and using a citrus reamer (like this one from Good Cook), ream out the juice from the center so The center is mostly empty. Do not worry about removing the flesh from the Meyer lemon. The birds will enjoy it. Save the lemon juice for a future recipe.

Using a sharp knife or a knitting needle, make a hole in each side of the Meyer lemon half. Since Meyer lemons are smaller than traditional lemons, I cut the top quarter off and used the bottom. Using twine, run a piece through each hole and tie. You will use this to hang the bird feeder from a limb tree. If you do not have twine, you could use yarn.

Did you know that certain birds enjoy certain types of bird food and use certain types of feeders more than others? I hope this guide helps you while you're feeding the birds.

Do you enjoy feeding the birds?

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