Samsung Galaxy S5: Tutorial How to do root? - Was necessary

Posted July 24, 2017

Welcome! Already is becoming something popular the new Samsung Galaxy S5, and that is why many of you will need to root your computers, that is why this time I bring you a step by step tutorial to do so.

The well-known xda programmer "ChainFire" has created a method to root several versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 including T-mobile, Sprint and several international versions, however it is still not possible to root to the AT & T versions And Verizon. If you upgraded your computer to the G900FXXU1ANE2 or G900HXXU1ANE2 version you will lose

Updated 12/09/2014: Updated the files to do Root.

Updated 09/23/2014: If you have problems rooting maybe some comments from below can help you, copy it S most useful in this part:

Good day my friend. I was able to rootear my Galaxy S6 SM-G900H. Investigating I discovered that I had to go into security and remove the tilde to "Reactivation Block" and to "Verify Applications". With that and everything else you explain here I could do the root. Thank you very much.

Comment by Jesus Alejandro


Before starting the tutorial you should know that by doing this procedure you will be losing the guarantee That comes with your equipment, if you have already spent the time stipulated in the warranty you do not have to worry. however It was neither Necessary nor I take responsibility for what may happen on your device.

Always before making any changes to your cell phone do not forget to make a copy of Security.

Rotating the Samsung Galaxy S5

1. First you will have to download the version of CF-Auto-ROOT corresponding to your equipment:

The file you download already arrives with the Odin program which is necessary to do the procedure so you should not download it again.

2. Extract the downloaded file.

3. Run Odin as Administrator

Within the downloaded files you will already see the Odin program, right click on the executable file called "Odin3" and give it to "Run as Administrator".

Four. Set ODIN

Once inside the Odin program click on the button that says "PDA" and select the file with extension.TAR you downloaded.

Make sure the "Re-Partition" option is not selected, repeat NOT SELECTED. Only "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time ".

5. Activate USB debugging, Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5 and put it into Download mode

Activate the USB debugging of your phone (Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging) If you do not have the developer options go to Settings & gt ; General> About the Device and press 7 times in a row in Compilation Number, if you have problems consult this simple tutorial:

After doing so you have to turn off the computer and enter into download mode, for that you must press at the same time: Volume Down + Start Button + Off Button

Warning to install a different Operating System to the current one, to pass the warning you must press Volume Up

6. Connecting the cell to the PC

When connecting the cell to Odin, the ID: COM block should become Yellow, otherwise you must download and install the Android Drivers for your PC or install the Samsung KIES Software.

7 Root!

Click the "Start" button and wait for the process to finish, you will notice when the phone reboots.

After completing the process, the cell phone will reboot automatically and may take up to 5 minutes to reach the home screen, do not panic.

In some cases, the device will not automatically restart what it avoids The process is complete, if you are in the situation remove the battery, replace it and repeat the process but this time do not check the "Auto Reboot" option in Odin. after completing the process, manually enter the Recovery, remove the battery, and turn on the phone by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power Button.

If you have any problems or have any questions you can use Comments below! Until the next!

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