The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Posted July 11, 2017

Amazon Prime Day is officially scheduled to kick off tomorrow, July 11, but today Amazon announced that it will begin rolling out the deals tonight!

If you don't shop on Amazon for groceries, Prime Day may be the time to start with great deals on everything from pantry staples to fresh fruit. Brands should bolster visibility across multiple online retail channels to maximize sales opportunity - 76 percent of Prime Day shoppers visit other major online stores to research product ratings and reviews before making a purchase on Amazon.

That being said, the deals aren't always the best around.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick runs on a quad-core CPU and can output content in glorious Full HD 1080p resolution, assuming you have a sufficiently hi-res television to go with it.

Grocers who keep pace with the Amazon deal will blend state-of-the-art backroom operations with a "showroom grocery experience", according to Bloomberg News. New deals will become available as often as every 5 minutes for all 30 hours of the seal.

Amazon shows sales that are now live, as well as upcoming deals, and lets you set price alerts that will send a notification to your phone when an upcoming deal you have your eyes on goes live.

Also, the big deals are in limited supply.

Last month, Amazon launched its super-fast Prime Now for customers throughout the Charlotte area. With the discount in play for the bundle, it is like saving $30 on Google Home and getting a free Chromecast to boot, if you want to look at it that way. To enter, you just need to listen to one track on either Amazon Music or Amazon Music Unlimited up to the end of play. Even if you miss out, an item shows "100% claimed", you click the product's "Join Waitlist" button.

If you have Alexa, you'll be able to find voice shopping savings on these products. The list software should also alert you when, and if, a price drops.

That's a good thing for Amazon. The company which sells wireless headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Type-C USB hubs and other gadgets, brings its biggest promotion to you.