Know the laws, be safe when using fireworks

Posted July 02, 2017

Local municipalities also can put more restrictive rules on federal and state laws, including ones regulating firework use, and firework use can also be subject to local noise ordinances. Of these, 62% are burns and 20% are lacerations.

The pyrotechnics association also noted a reduction in firework-related injuries in states and areas with more liberal fireworks laws, Heckman said.

Lewistown will hold its fireworks display at 9:30 p.m. tonight, presented by the Juniata River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Eventhough fireworks look pretty and patriotic during 4th of July festivities, they can cause a significant amount of damage and danger if improperly handled.

Fireworks violations may be reported 24 hours a day to 703.746.4444.

"That number includes people who come for the parade in the morning or go to the fireworks at night", she said. These not only damage the home, vehicle or other property, but also cause hundreds if not thousands of injuries. In case of rain the show will be the same time Sunday night.

As Fire Station One loomed above, Griffin and fellow District Chief Adrian Fernandez explained how to prevent firework injuries from dampening July 4 celebrations. Capable of reaching 1,200 degrees, they're hotter than most of the full-blown fires his department sees, Griffin said.

Their department is asking people to attend city celebrations, like Orlando's Fireworks at the Fountain, rather than host their own explosive events, Fernandez said.

Merrittstown Villagers announce fireworks will begin at dusk on Tuesday. A patriotic program will start at 7 p.m. Fireworks kick off at 9 p.m. A person who possesses or uses fireworks without a valid permit or who sells to a person who does not have a valid permit is subject to a forfeiture of up to $1,000 per violation.

The Fireworks Spectacular - In Hot Springs at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls you can enjoy a firework show from 9 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. on July 2.

State fire officials urge Tennesseans to take part in these professionally run events instead of risking their lives and possibly breaking the law by detonating fireworks themselves. The fireworks will be set off near the Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation plaza. Light each firework one at a time. Fireworks have always been a part of Chinese culture and were used to accompany many festivities.

Other safety tips include wearing lose clothing when handling fireworks and keeping a bucket of water nearby.

When attending events, fireworks displays and other gatherings, if you see something suspicious, do not forget to contact law enforcement.

All things considered, if someone wishes to use fireworks at home or in a non-hazardous location, the best - and safest - way to handle them is simple, according to Marion Fire Department's Fire Inspector Kevin Owenby, "Light your fireworks and stay a safe distance away".