Trump accuses Obama of inaction

Posted June 26, 2017

He said Mr Obama had learned well before the poll about the accusations and did nothing.

"As we have made clear to the Russian government and others, we will not tolerate attempts to interfere with the USA democratic process, and we will take action to protect our interests, including in cyberspace, and we will do so at a time and place of our choosing", the Obama administration told the two senators. The Senate and House of Representatives' committees on foreign relations as well as special counsel Robert Mueller are now probing Russia's meddling in the election and the alleged collusion by Trump administration officials.

"The American people needed to know", Schiff said.

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His comments followed a Washington Post article published Friday saying Obama was told by Russian government sources last August of President Vladimir Putin's direct involvement in a cyber campaign.

The newspaper cited anonymous government officials as saying that, in August of 2016, the Central Intelligence Agency had reported to Obama as a fact that Russian Federation was trying to interfere in the upcoming election.

"They didn't want to publicly talk about Russia's role ..." They also told Obama that the administration should indict those responsible in US courts.

Former FBI director James Comey recently testified before the American Senate where he claimed that Trump tried to undermine his efforts into Russian Federation hacking of the last USA elections.

"I think the administration needed to call out Russian Federation earlier, and needed to act to deter and punish Russian Federation earlier and I think that was a very serious mistake", he said.

"For Donald Trump, who openly egged on the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's emails and celebrated every release of these stolen documents to criticize Obama, now it's a bit like somebody knowingly receiving stolen property blaming the police for not stopping the theft", he said.

Schiff said such a stand from the current president is absurd.

The election case took another turn on Friday when The Washington Post reported Obama knew last summer that Russian intelligence hackers were breaching networks tied to the Democratic Party. Focus on them, not T!

Trump's tweets Saturday were not his first this week in the vein of questioning the Obama's administration's response.

"Now, Donald Trump seems to be opposing that", Schumer said".

Although the bill is now stalled in Congress, Schumer said he hopes House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wisc.) will help push it through, and he added that if the president vetoes it, he believes Democrats and Republicans will override the veto.