Taylor Swift earns $400k in two weeks since return to streaming

Posted June 26, 2017

Swift had spectacularly pulled her back catalogue from the service in November 2014, after penning an essay in which she criticised the streaming model - specifically its ad-sponsored free tier, which then paid artists $0.0012 per track - saying musicians should not "undervalue their art".

In total, she made about 329,000 in revenue, according to Billboard, in addition to $59,000 in publishing royalties - bringing the USA total to about $397,000.

Seems the Taylor Swift Spotify rift created even more demand for her tunes on the streaming service.

If the $400,000 manages to keep up, Swift can earn herself lots of money just from her back catalog alone.

Taylor Swift is desperate to win over Joe Alwyn's parents.

The announcement was made at midnight on June 9 - with a tweet confirming that the move was to celebrate album "1989" selling 10 million albums worldwide.

But the timing was criticised online as a petty power-play, coming in the same week as her rival Katy Perry released her new album Witness. "I think it's time", she said via Entertainment Tonight. Her reps posted a note to her Taylor Nation Instagram revealing the reason behind her decision to allow her music to be streamed.

"I forgive her, and I'm sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her, and I think it's actually".