Neighboring Arab Nations Slap Qatar With 13-Point List Of Demands

Posted June 26, 2017

But on Monday, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said that Qatar would not negotiate with the four states until they lifted their blockade against Doha.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar this month alleging that the country funds terrorism an accusation that Qatar denies.

Turkey rejected a call from four Arab states on Friday to shut down its military base in Qatar, saying the base was a guarantor of regional security, and demands for its closure represented interference in its ties with Doha.

Customs and Trade Minister Bulent Tufenkci said Turkish exports to Qatar have tripled since the four Arab countries began boycotting the Gulf state earlier this month.

Having urged Qatar's neighbors to come up with "reasonable and actionable" demands, the USA sought to distance itself from the crisis the day after the Arab countries issued a list that included several provisions Qatar had already declared it could not or would not accept.

According to AP, the list commands Qatar to halt funding to other news publications, including Middle East Eye.

Meanwhile, there are also five armored vehicles in the Turkish military base in Qatar.

Associated Press and Reuters news agencies reported it obtained the list from unnamed officials from one of the countries involved in isolating Qatar.

In addition, the country must locate and extradite all individuals now facing terrorism charges in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the other signatory states.

As reported earlier, Al-Jazeera this month published a fatwa defending Qatar against the allegations of terror-sponsorship - written by a radical cleric who has been designated by the USA and United Nations for facilitating and funding terrorism.

According to the list, Qatar must stop granting citizenship to wanted nationals from the four countries and revoke citizenship for existing nationals from those countries where it violates their laws.

"We cannot expect an end to the crisis, solutions are not yet developed and the countries besieged Qatar have not provided any clear reasons for the steps they have taken", he said.

Qatar has been isolated by a number of Arab and African states for its alleged support of terrorism and Iran.

With just days to decide, Qatar on Friday weighed an onerous list of demands by its neighbors as a way out of a regional crisis, and a top Emirati official warned the tiny country to brace for a long-term economic squeeze unless it is willing to acquiesce.

The U.S. issued that litmus test amid frustration at how long it was taking Saudi Arabia and others to formalize a list of demands, complicating U.S. efforts to bring about a resolution to the worst Gulf diplomatic crisis in years.

As well as cutting diplomatic ties, Qatar's neighbours closed their air space to Qatari carriers and blocked the emirates' only land border, vital for its food imports.

— Sever all ties to "terrorist organizations", specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic State group, al-Qaida, and Lebanon's Hezbollah. It backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and armed factions opposed by the U.A.E. or Saudi Arabia in Libya and Syria.