Modi to Address US Indian Diaspora

Posted June 26, 2017

Although Modi and Trump both consider themselves strongmen with a penchant for social media, the truth is that India does not now enjoy the same relationship with the USA that it did under Barack Obama.

"Queen Elizabeth had invited me for lunch".

10/ When I meet you all I experience the kind of joy one feels while meeting his/her family.

He emphasised on the concept of gifting useful things like books and handkerchieves rather than flower posies.

As the Indian Embassy in Washington DC tweeted, it was "A Stellar Starcast" that had gathered to meet the workaholic PM, despite it being a Sunday morning in the US.

"I would not reject if someone gifts me a bouquet but I feel that this issue should continue to be discussed", Modi added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India has now emerged as a business-friendly destination, more so with the upcoming implementation of landmark goods and services (GST) beginning next month, while asking CEOs of top USA companies to invest in the country.

The official noted that defense trade with India has supported thousands of American jobs.

"Yes, this will be the first opportunity for them to sit down and have a conversation, but I think that this is still fairly early on in the administration", the official said.

"President Trump's executive order on H-1B visas directs the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, and Secretary of Homeland Security to propose potential reform to the H-1B visa program". Corruption has been a main issue stymieing progress of our country.

On Friday afternoon, a United States arms manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems In said the Trump administration had approved the sale of a naval variant of the Predator drone to India.

The defence ties between India and Israel have often drawn worldwide attention and acquired strategic dimensions. The Trump administration too sees India as a key ally in countering China's growing influence in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere. Despite the hiccups in Indo-US relations, the personal chemistry between Modi and Obama was visible.

Bhaskar added that Modi would have to convincingly project that India's interests are aligned with U.S. interests. "But, we are also interested in continuing our cooperation with Pakistan".

"This is a very significant step in strengthening relations between the two countries".

The lawmakers, from the Republican and Democratic parties, said in a letter to Trump that high-level engagement with India had failed to eliminate major trade and investment barriers and had not deterred India from imposing new ones.

The White House praised India for its "very positive" role in Afghanistan.

President Trump cleared Saturday the sale of 22 unarmed "Guardian" drones worth more the $2 billion (1.8 billion euros) to India.