In heartbreaking video, girl begs mother for quiet after Castile shooting

Posted June 26, 2017

Mr. Castile's death last July, one of a number of police shootings of black men that have fueled a national debate, struck a chord when the awful moments after Mr. Castile was shot were live-streamed on Facebook by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds.

"Mom, please stop cussing and screaming cause I don't want you to get shooted", the girl said.

Reynolds, whom police had placed in the back seat next to her daughter, gave the girl a kiss. Black community members, on the other hand, were 61 percent more likely than white residents to hear an officer say the least respectful phrases, such as using informal titles like "dude" and "bro", and commands like "hands on the wheel".

Reynolds' attorney at the time described this and other search warrants as "fishing expeditions", and critics have said such searches are meant to discredit victims of police violence.

Claims that Castile was "stoned" and failed to follow the officer's instructions during the fatal traffic stop made up Yanez's defense team's central argument during the trial. And now, a piece of soul-shattering footage from the backseat of the squad vehicle, where Reynolds is handcuffed and her 4-year-old desperately tries to prevent her from yelling so she doesn't get "shooted" too.

After Yanez approached his auto, Castile, a black man, informed Yanez that he had a firearm, a gun he was lawfully registered to carry.

The officer, accompanied by two attorneys during a July 7, 2016, interview with Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents, seemed to suggest at one point that his decision to discharge his service weapon was not prompted exclusively by fear of the firearm in Castile's auto. "My phone just died, that's all", Reynolds attempts to console her daughter.

The toddler replies, "I could keep you safe".

"I don't want it to be like this anymore", she cries.

"Tell that to the police, OK?" According to the transcript of the interaction as posted by CNN, the officer asked Castile to show his license.

The release of the video comes less than a week after officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter in Castile's death.

To recap, a man who politely disclosed that he was licensed to carry a gun and who was complying with orders was killed in front of his family because a police officer became frightened out of his wits. The reason I pulled you over was your break lights are out so ya'll have one active break light and that's your passenger side one, your third break light which is the one up here on the top, that's gonna be out.

If you're a white driver in Oakland, the police might as well be Allstate agents because, as the insurance company's slogan goes, "You're in good hands". "I understand what I need to do, sir". "Don't pull it out".

What happened to Castile happens to black and brown people across this great country, including in the Bay Area. It's. mindblowing that Diamond Reynolds has just seen her boyfriend shot in front of her - she still has the presence of mind to be deferential to the policeman. "He wasn't reaching for it". Did his race play a role in his auto being pulled over or factor into the officer's decision to shoot?