Health bill test of McConnell's leadership skills

Posted June 26, 2017

Mitch McConnell, a Republican health care plan is scheduled go to the Senate floor without hearings, no expert testimony and - worse - little time for the public to speak up. The demonstrators chanted "No cuts to Medicaid!" and staged a "die-in" outside the office.

The protest was organized by the National ADAPT organization, a national grassroots disability rights organization "fighting to end the institutional bias".

U.S. Capitol Police arrested dozens of people protesting cuts to Medicaid in the Senate Republicans' health care bill on Thursday.

ADAPT's D.C. area branch tweeted that officers were picking people up and dropping them, which video footage of the incident appears to corroborate.

On Thursday, lawmakers reiterated those concerns, wondering out loud whether one week was enough to properly debate the contents of a bill aimed at overhauling the current health care system. And it was upsetting to watch the Capitol Police physically removing people - by dragging them, lifting them or pushing their wheelchairs away from McConnell's office.

"Learning about the proposed deep cuts in Medicaid passed by the House of Representatives, the American people looked to the Senate". He explains, "We're protesting the American Health Care act cutting hundreds of billions out of Medicaid to gives tax breaks to the wealthiest".

The protesters yelled "no cuts to Medicaid" as they were led away.

A group of disabled protesters have been dragged out of their wheelchairs after gathering at the office of Senate to protest against the Republican's health care reform bill. Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz have said that they are "not ready to vote for this bill" as it does not "repeal Obamacare", one of President Trump's key election promises.

There's also been unconfirmed reports of blood on the floor in the hallway. She said the bill would cause "millions and millions and millions of people" to lose their health care and "inflict great suffering on veterans, on seniors, on working families, on rural communities".

The shrewd Kentuckian has made himself practically the sole arbiter of the bill and will be largely responsible for the outcome, whether it's a win, a loss, or a win that turns into a loss over time as unpopular consequences of the legislation take hold.