Gunman who shot Republican congressman had history of railing against GOP

Posted June 26, 2017

Trump revealed in a televised statement that Hodgkinson had died. Court records also show he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend in 2006. Bernie Sanders says the man who shot a congressman and four other people was apparently a volunteer on his losing 2016 presidential campaign.

Police said the suspect's motive is unknown at this point. Records indicate he has not been involved in any legal cases since 2011.

In this April 17, 2012, photo, James Hodgkinson of Belleville protests outside of the United States Post Office in Downtown Belleville, Ill.

Hodgkinson maintained two Facebook pages, which he posted to as recently as Monday, and both used images of Sanders as a profile picture or cover image.

Sue Hodgkinson said she felt "horrible".

A judge later returned the teen to the custody of IL welfare officials and awarded guardianship to the Hodgkinsons' neighbor, the Post-Dispatch reported.

She was at work at the tax firm in Belleville when she first heard her husband was the suspected shooter, from an ABC reporter who called her, she said. "I had no idea this was going to happen and I don't know what to say about it", the wife of the Bernie Sanders supporter said during the emotional interview. A 66-year-old man from Belleville, Illinois, is believed to have opened fire, wounding five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise from Louisiana.

Hodgkinson also wrote a number of letters to the editor to the Belleville News-Democrat, attacking Republican policies and focusing in on tax reform and income inequality.

A half-dozen patrons gathered at the tavern Thursday afternoon for the $1 taco special and to shoot pool said Hodgkinson didn't hang out there and wasn't known to them. Local police, sheriff's deputies F.B.I. and ATF agents arrived on the scene, and later they entered his home. When he went outside, he saw Hodgkinson shooting a rifle into a cornfield.

ATF and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents could be seen at Hodgkinson's home Wednesday. No charges were filed. "I can't wrap my head around it".

She said she wasn't sure if there had been a catalyst for him leaving.

His brother, Michael Hodgkinson, told the New York Times that the two were not close and that he knew his brother was not happy with the election results but said he never expected him to commit such a crime.