Xbox Backwards Compatibility - Microsoft deal big blow to Xbox One owners

Posted June 25, 2017

That's why we're able to say over 30 games will have 4K updates for Xbox One X when we launch it. Spencer pointed out the 40% faster GPU as well as the Xbox One X's bigger memory (12GB, as opposed to the PS4 Pro's 8GB) as some of the main advantages Microsoft's console has, but 4K gaming seems to be the biggest differentiator.

On other news, Microsoft's new Xbox One X will be made available on November 7, 2017, and these are the games that are confirmed to be exclusively playable on the Xbox One X.

Accessory manufacturer Hyperkin will be bringing back the original Xbox controller for the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. But big boss Phil Spencer of Xbox explained what else he wanted in terms of availability.

But if you can get past the straight-up comparison with the PlayStation 4 Pro and other consoles and look at the Xbox One X from some different perspectives, it actually looks like a good deal. Microsoft could soon be making money from Xbox One X sales, but how long that will take is now unclear.

In an interview with Business Insider, Spencer revealed that, despite the $499 price tag, Microsoft will not be making money for each purchased unit of the console.

During the presentation, Spencer also announced that the device has 12GB of RAM, compared to 8GB of PS4 Pro, and 6 teraflops graphics processing power compared to Sony's 4.12. Although you can capture videos at 4K/60 fps on the Xbox One X.

He said it was partly because it is more hard to tie up rights issues surrounding the old games.

The controller is compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X. It is now unknown if it will be compatible with PC upon release.

So if you pre-order Xbox One X you get to not only enjoy a 1 month Xbox Game Pass trial, but you also get to get your hands on a 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial as well.