Trump says he's told 'a straight story' on Comey

Posted June 25, 2017

It failed, spectacularly: Instead of silencing Comey, it set in motion the special counsel investigation that now haunts Donald Trump's waking imagination.

In a new interview, President Donald Trump accused the Obama administration of bugging the White House while defending his claims about the non-existent taped recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump also claimed in the clip that "all" of the staffers that Mueller has hired to assist him in the investigation are Hillary Clinton supporters.

Mueller is a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, criminal prosecutor and marine. To top it off, according to ABC News, the Justice Department is prohibited from considering potential employees' political affiliation, so their appointments to these positions had to be as non-partisan as possible.

Should Mueller step down from the investigation?

"But Robert Mueller is an honorable man, and hopefully he will come up with an honorable solution".

White House spokesperson, Sarah Sanders, refuted speculations from the press that Trump was playing "game" in order to make sure that Comey tell the truth. "Look, there has been no obstruction, there's been no collusion". There has been leaking by Comey.

Trump asserted in the interview, "There's been no collusion, no obstruction and virtually everybody agrees to that".

Fox and Friends released the excerpts late evening, post talking to the president of the White House. "It certainly had that flavor to it", Norm Eisen, the White House ethics czar under former President Barack Obama, told CNN Thursday night.

On health care, Trump said he believes he will win over Republican lawmakers who have pledged to vote against the GOP bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.

This is what struck me most about the AP's defense of Comey and Mueller: they really aren't good friends at all. "We're going to have to see".

He added that health care is "a very complicated situation from the standpoint, you do something that's good for one group but bad for another".

When Comey's account was publicized, Trump tweeted that Comey "better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press".

"Well, it wasn't very stupid, I can tell you that", Mr Trump told Ainsley Earhardt after she commented that his tactics were a smart way to keep Mr Comey honest. "I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night because it didn't dawn on me originally there might be corroboration, a tape".

Earlier on Thursday, Trump said he did not make and does not possess any tapes of his conversations with Comey, after suggesting last month he might have recordings that could undercut Comey's description of events.

"Look, I've seen the tweet about tapes".

The pattern has continued since Trump's election. "My story didn't change, my story was always a straight story, my story was always the truth. So I think maybe you'll need to do a little investigative reporting to determine that, but I don't think it will be that hard".