Mastiff named "Martha" wins World's Ugliest Dog Contest

Posted June 25, 2017

At 3 years old and 125 pounds, Martha on Friday night pawed her way to the top at this year's 29th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California, where she was awarded $1,500, a trophy and a trip to NY for camera appearances.

The annual competition, now it its 29th year, was held in Petaluma, California.

As she was awarded her first-place prize - $1500, a trophy and a trip to NY for media appearances - Martha appeared unmoved, rolling over to let her voluminous folds of her droopy jowls flop on to the stage.

The big-jowled crowd-pleaser will now be flown to NY for "media appearances", according to the organisers.

The World's Ugliest Dog competition is part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif., and features adoptable and previously adopted dogs that are judged based on appearance and personality. After several surgeries, she can now see again, Zindler said.

Instead of flaunting her long, droopy face for the judges like other dogs did, Martha fell over on her side after deciding to take a quick break from the day's activities.

The contestants came from across the country and one even came from as far away as England to compete with the top of the low and the title of the most unattractive dog in the world.

"And the dogs certainly seem to enjoy the adoration of the fans".

The World's Ugliest Dog of 2017 has been crowned... and folks, say hello to Martha, a Neapolitan Mastiff who is just adorable!

Numerous contestants were adopted.

Monkey, a 6-year-old Brussels Griffon, and Icky, an 8-year-old unknown breed, were both rescued from the homes of hoarders.

Martha is three-years-old and weighs 125 pounds.

Coming in second place was a 16-year-old Brussels Griffon-pug mixed named Moe, who lost his sight and hearing. But for their owners, it was love at first sight.

Third position went to a 14-year-old Chinese Crested-Harke mix named Chase.