House Democrats call for Pelosi to step down as minority leader

Posted June 25, 2017

Georgia's special election marked the largest Republican turnout ever, noted Gingrich, leading Karen Handel to a win over Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff to replace Tom Price, who left his congressional seat after becoming Health and Human Services secretary. After everything that's happened over the past seven months, anti-Pelosi Democrats have a right to make their case. "We just don't have either one of those in the present leadership". You have a baseball team that keeps losing year after year. Tuesday's wake-up call mirrored just how far they have to go to even get out of the batter's box. In 15 years, she's raised nearly $570 million for Democratic campaigns. Do Democrats have a bigger problem than their leadership?

It's about all they can do.

"It was probably one of the more disturbing caucus meetings that I've ever been in", added Rice.

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that he hopes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stays as leader of the Democrats. On Thursday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out a press release attacking Nevada Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen over her ties to Pelosi.

Trump's election as president had papered over the intraparty disputes and generational divides among House Democrats, as lawmakers joined in opposing the White House and trying to channel the energy of their party's liberal base.

"It would be a very, very sad day for Republicans if she steps down. The Republicans gave him that", she said.

The apparent effectiveness of such attacks alarmed some fellow Democrats, and they show no signs of letting up. They pick people who are in safe and tough districts for Democrats to win.

The apparent effectiveness of that messaging suggested to some that the 77-year-old Californian could be a liability for Democrats as they aim to regain their majority.

And then, in the "Morning Joe" interview, he took a whack at his own party: "The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russian Federation has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between Democrats and the Trump agenda, which is on economics".

"We should stop talking about Trump all the time, and Russian Federation".

"We'd better take a good, long, strong look in the mirror and realise that the problem is us; it's the party", OH representative Tim Ryan said Wednesday morning as he left a closed-door meeting of the Democratic Caucus in the Capitol. Fox News reported that a source close to the House Minority Leader said that the criticism of her does bother her because it's coming from all sides.

Rep. Seth Moulton echoed her complaints in a Wednesday interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. And we have one goal: "winning in 2018".