Hardcore Destiny Players Will Get Emblems In Destiny 2

Posted June 24, 2017

Bungie is keeping some of its cards close to the vest in this area, both to preserve a sense of discovery for Destiny players entering Destiny 2 and to ensure they can enjoy subtle "you had to be there" nods to Destiny's legacy, the studio said today in a blog post.

We're just two-and-a-half months away from Destiny 2, a video game that I can not wait to play obsessively and complain about even more obsessively.

However, it's still not too late to get a few of these emblems.

The next set of emblems are for Destiny 2 Year 2 players. And while it is unfortunate that all of the time that went into the ideal character build and armor will not be coming along to the next journey, it's not that surprising considering Call of Duty and Battlefield never let us carry our progress over.

If you're the PVP type, you might also want to mark August 1 on your calendar for a different reason: the final Destiny 1-era Iron Banner.

You completed all 10 Moments of Triumph during Destiny's first year.

Although Bungie is tweaking the weapons and how they react while firing, Destiny 2's content and overarching design should remain the same across each platform.

Slayer of Oryx: You purchased The Taken King and completed a Moment of Triumph during Destiny's second year.

"Others are little touches that will fall snuggly into the realm of 'you just had to be there.' We're not going to spoil them for you right here and right now".

Destiny 2 will release on the 6th of September 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One and on PC on the 24th of October 2017.

Heard the Call: You purchased The Taken King and finished all 8 Moments of Triumph during Destiny's second year.

Destiny 2 will continue to make use of the emblem system and players that have reached a specific rank in Destiny 1's "Age of Triumph" record book will unlock special emblems to use in the sequel.

Saladin's Pride: You purchased Rise of Iron and got to Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph record book.