This guy created Super Mario in real life using augmented reality

Posted June 23, 2017

If it's not dance mats or motion controls it's virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) changing the world around us. If you're familiar with the level then you will see right away how impressive this demo really is - having everything you would expect out of a Mario Bros. game. Developer Abhishek Singh recognised that and set to resolve the issue once and for all, resulting in a 360-foot real world recreation of perhaps the most famous level to exist in a platformer, the very first level of Super Mario Bros.

The experience was filmed entirely in HoloLens without any post-production and uploaded to YouTube, where unsuspecting citizens walked by as Singh stomped on Goombas. That honor goes instead to the total indifference expressed by every pedestrian in New York's Central Park. This particular project wasn't sponsored by a company or a developer, either.

IF YOU DON'T MIND looking like a complete knob in public, you might be pleased to hear that Super Mario Bros has been reimagined in augmented reality (AR). He has recreated "World 1-1" from the game in Unity3D. "The final level was more than 110m long!" he said.

It helps that Singh's in the corner of the video with a picture-in-picture view of what he actually looks like playing the demo.

This Hololens program does a better job of bringing Mario into NY than the Super Mario Bros. movie did.

KitGuru Says: Well-made AR games can sometimes feel like they are in another castle when browsing what's out there, but Singh has done a wonderful job with this one.