Gigantic Leaves Open Beta and Launches For Xbox One in July

Posted June 23, 2017

Between now and then, players can enjoy open beta game play leading up to the Steam release date.

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Gigantic, Motiga's strategic free-to-play action MOBA thingy, will be leaving open beta and launching in full for Xbox One and Windows 10 this July.

It is important to mention that today a major update came to big which includes games against bots, a new tutorial, a voice chat, and new features in the user interface.

The free-to-play strategic hero shooter has also expanded the final month of Open Beta to the Arc platform today with new features. While you will be fighting it out in objective-based maps with various colorful characters with different stats and abilities, enormous is all about building up to the big release of your Guardian, which then marches across the map, terraforming it to your liking and attacking the enemy itself. Arc players who log into the game and play one match will receive an Arc Lightning skin for Tripp, while Xbox One and Windows 10 who do the same can get the Excelsior skin for Tyto the Swift. Gigantic's Founder's Pack gives players access to all 18 current heroes, two upcoming heroes, limited edition "Imperial" skins, and Founder Status for your profile. For anyone wanting to get a head start in the game, this Founder's Pack is for you. In addition, you can also use magic in this game, something that Overwatch lacks.