Detroit Pistons draft guard Luke Kennard who will provide offense

Posted June 23, 2017

Kennard is a natural scorer who averaged 19.5 points and 5.1 rebounds last season at Duke.

Analysis: The Pistons needed some depth, I thought they could have used a bit more in the forward area, but a shooter off the bench will do just fine here. He's got great, great footwork. The former Duke swingman will struggle defensively right away, and his development on that end will relate to his physical development as years progress.

Right now bad teams are getting the rights to draft high-potential prospects but having trouble turning them into actual players, probably in no small part because they are bad teams and the prospects don't know how to play. He has an wonderful work ethic and that should help him not fall too far on the depth chart. "I'm a competitor. I love to win".

Kennard does enough that you could see him developing.

The Pistons have a decent starting five, one that could push for a playoff spot in the East, but after the starters leave the floor there is a lot to be desired.

But for now, Van Gundy is ecstatic that they were able to add the draft's best shooter to the worst shooting team in the league.

He will likely be behind Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. The Pistons need to look at some depth at the three position as well. The Spurs have made it a point they're trying to move on from Aldridge, and are asking for a top-ten pick in return, which the Pistons don't have.

· Player address those needs?

Kennard is a good fit for the Pistons. He's also adept at working off screens to get to ideal locations on the floor.

Luke Kennard sped toward the top of draft boards during a breakout sophomore season and will now continue his ride in the Motor City.

· Immediate or future help?

Now, it's no secret that since taking over the reigns in Detroit, Stan Van Gundy hasn't exactly lit up draft night.

Under the leadership of proven victor Stan Van Gundy, they were eighth in the league in defensive rating but 24th in offense.

I didn't watch much of the draft because I don't have a favorite team and it's hard to get excited about guys we know so little about from their brief time in college (not to mention the completely, um, foreign identities of the players drafted from overseas).