Review | Yves Rocher Sebo Specific 2 in 1 Toner | Laura Neuzeth

Posted June 22, 2017

Not too long ago I placed an order on Yves Rocher and in that order I got some skincare items including this 2 in 1 toner. The Sebo Specific 2 in 1 toner claims to purify and mattify your skin. I have extremely oily skin so I try to look for items that are going to mattify my skin and regulate shine. The toner features a botanical ingredient called scutellaria root which contains the molecules known as flavonoids. According to Yves Rocher the flavonoids are supercharged molecules that regulate shine. I was previously using the Boots Botanics Mattifying Toner Shine Away which I reviewed on the blog. As you may know I absolutely loved that toner because it did a great job of preventing excess oil and it would not make my skin feel tight or dry. When I tried out this Yves Rocher toner I even started comparing it to the Boots Botanics toner since they have quite similar claims and botanical ingredients.

Let me get this out there, if you have oily skin your skin is bound to get shiny throughout the day no matter what you do. There's honestly no miracle product that's going to stop your skin from getting shiny. The thought of something clogging your oil glands completely so you do not get shiny gives me the chills. Oil on the skin is completely natural and everyone gets oily throughout the day. There are obviously products that help regulate oil production such as this toner.

I believe that this has helped regulate the shininess while keeping my skin hydrated. Some toners have a very high percentage of alcohol which dries up your skin and when you skin becomes dehydrated it starts producing more oil in order to compensate for the dryness. My skin does feel a little tight after using this but compared to other toners this one is very gentle and soothing.

As for the claims I do not believe it very well, my skin feels clean and overall less shiny throughout the day. Maybe the scutellaria root has something to do with it but since this is my first time trying to product with that botanical ingredient I can not really pinpoint if that is the "working" ingredient. The toner also has 10 ingredients, most of which are recognizable such as water, alcohol, and salicylic acid which is a common ingredient in acne products.

Overall I recommend this toner since it's quite affordable and gentle on oily Skin The toner retails for $ 12.50 on Yves Rocher's website but you can find it occasionally. If you live in France or somewhere where you have access to Yves Rocher then I would really recommend it. If you are based in the US you can not find Yves Rocher then this would not be the most affordable option. While $ 12.50 is not much for a toner, you also have to pay for less than $ 10 you can get the Boots Botanics toner at your nearby Target.

Have you tried any Yves Rocher skincare products? If so which ones?