Killer Instinct Is Coming to Steam Later This Year

Posted June 20, 2017

The new guys at Iron Galaxy and Alex Jebailey have announced that sometime later in 2017, players will be using their Ultra Combos on #Steam. The announcement was made after the Community Effort 2017 tournament that took place in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to @CEOJebailey for helping us break the news.

Killer Instinct will receive a free 4K support patch in preparation for the upcoming release of the Xbox One X. We also do not know why Iron Galaxy chose to release Killer Instinct via Steam after all this time, but fans will not be complaining about this good turn of events, that's for sure. However, surely enough, information will be forthcoming such as whether or not there will be cross-platform play or will there be incentives for existing owners of the game who will make the jump. "More details to follow", the game's Twitter page wrote.

Killer Instinct finished its third season previous year but new content is still on the way.

Killer Instinct is arguably one of the most popular fighting games on the Xbox One and Windows 10 right now, but if you always wanted the game on Steam, you won't have to wat much longer. Since its release in 2013 as Xbox exclusive, the game has been ported to PC and received 3 new seasons, The first one was produced by Double Helix, while the second and third came from Iron Galaxy Studios.