Despite scandals, Texas GOP voters trust Trump

Posted June 20, 2017

Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

Especially worrying for the White House are recent surveys that found some of the voters who helped elect Trump seem to be navigating away from the president.

Almost two-thirds of Americans say they disapprove President Trump's job performance, a new poll released Friday shows. This is 9.8% higher than Trump's Rasmussen approval, and a staggering 19.8% higher than Trump's overall average approval rating this week.

Sixty-four percent of said that they don't like how the president is handling his office, while just over a third, 35 percent, approve of Trump.

The AP questionnaire worked to get to the bottom of what motivated or informed that disapproval, finding that 65 percent of respondents believed that Trump had no respect for democratic institutions.

Within a couple of hours after the poll results were released, Trump took to Twitter to proclaim that the 50% approval rating he received this month is "great news".

On June 12, the Gallup daily tracking poll found that only 36 percent of national adults approved of Trump while 60 percent disapproved.

President Donald Trump began Sunday morning as he often does, with a series of tweets. Sixty-six percent of Americans said they disapprove of Trump's handling of healthcare. Only 5 percent of self-identified Democrats said he has the temperament for the office, while 68 percent of self-identified Republicans said he does have the proper temperament.

To this day pollsters argue about how much Comey's letter impacted Clinton's chances of victory, but Trump was gaining ground on the Democrat either way.

Only 9 percent of Republican voters said Russian Federation influenced the election; 81 percent said it didn't.

Texas opinions were divided with 39 percent holding a favorable view of the existing health care law and 49 percent an unfavorable view.

On June 13 it registered at 56 percent, the day before the shooting. Forty-three percent approve. The survey, conducted by the public opinion research firm YouGov, has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.83 percentage points.