LG G7 could arrive as soon as January 2018

Posted June 16, 2017

Take into consideration that the information hasn't been confirmed by LG, so you should treat it with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Along with rumors of a curved display and Snapdragon 835 processor, it appears that the firm might be bumping up the release of the V30. This time around, the company may unveil the V30 in August and launch the handset during the same month, according to The Investor. Last year, the V20 was released in September.

LG is now hoping to introduce the G7 in January of 2018.

The LG G7 is now under development and this isn't surprising considering flagship phones are designed and manufactured months before the official launch.

LG launched the V20 past year in September, and The Investor says that LG is looking to launch the phone in August. If true, this would be completely be out of sync with LG's usual product reveal during the Mobile World Congress.

We can all agree that the LG G6 has a handsome design and notable changes in comparison to its predecessors but perhaps one of the few gripes that it suffered from was that it was using a Snapdragon 821. IBT previously reported that LG and Qualcomm were teaming up for the G7, and are planning to put the Snapdragon 845 processor on the handset.

While LG has chose to break from "tradition" of unleashing their latest flagship at MWC each year, perhaps a January 2018 release of the LG G7 is a smart idea. With the LG G7, it looks like LG doesn't want that to happen again, while also still trying to stay ahead of its rivals.

The LG V30 might be announced and released this coming August, while the LG G7 is said to arrive in January 2018.