Amazon Adds Power of Alexa to Dash Wand's Ease of Ordering Products

Posted June 16, 2017

Amazon boosted its range of Alexa-powered devices on Thursday by launching a new version of its barcode-scanning Dash Wand.

Considering the promotion makes the Amazon Dash Wand practically gratis, now may be the time to try out grocery shopping online, especially if you'd rather not drop the $179 (£150, around AU$230) on an Amazon Echo just for a little help around the kitchen.

The Dash Wand makes it much easier by enabling users to purchase items directly. Called Dash, it looked like a Nintendo Wii remote, but it let you add items to your shopping list with your voice. This means users can simply tell Alexa to order paper towels while speaking into the Dash Wand and it will take care of it. For example you can just say "tissues" if you want to order tissues.

There is a small button present on the Dash Wand that activates the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, which can do all the same tasks as a traditional Echo device.

Amazon's army of Alexa devices is growing again. Thanks to Amazon for coming up with cool and low-priced gadgets like this new Alexa device-the Amazon Dash Wand. It also allows users to convert units for measurements, order household items from Amazon, and more, using their voice.

Another unusual feature of the Amazon Dash Wand is that it doesn't come with a rechargeable battery. Amazon does note, however, that unlike other Alexa-enabled devices, this one can't play music. You'll also receive a 90-day trial of the company's AmazonFresh home grocery service so you can get the full experience out of your new gadget.

For now, the new Amazon Dash Wand is available only to Amazon Prime members in the United States, but it should expand its availability later on.

Whether it be an oatmeal container or a bottle of dish soap, you could add it to your Amazon cart.

AmazonFresh costs $299 per year (or $14.99 per month).