Sony PS 4 Achieves Sales Milestones Against Microsoft Xbox

Posted June 15, 2017

Even nowadays, server cross-play is not especially common, but in a cooperative game like Minecraft, it's certainly a welcome addition. All the Bedrock versions now are simply being called "Minecraft", while the Java-based versions will be called Minecraft Java Edition. That means anyone playing with those versions will have access to the same marketplace and server options as the other versions, and that any purchases made on one system will be available to you on the other - as long as you log in with an Xbox account.

Naturally, the update will come with cross-platform support, but will also bring better graphics so there's little disparity across multiple platforms.

Lastly, when asked whether PlayStation has shut the door completely on the cross-platform play feature for these two games (possibly for all other games in future)?

The same goes for those who own Minecraft on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

However, Minecraft is not coming to Sony's PlayStation 4, and the company said they didn't have to announce on that now.

I've asked Sony if it refused Microsoft's offer to enable cross-platform support on the PS4 version of Minecraft, and I'll update this story with any new information. More servers will follow, but no further information was provided on that front.

Microsoft also showed off coming games, an array tailored for exclusive play on Xbox One consoles, but it remained to be seen if there is enough unique content to get lots of people to buy the higher-priced hardware.

The gaming department of Sony has turned out to be one of its most essential development drivers where different zones, for example, mobile phones have slackened. Launching with four servers, Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP and Cubecraft - which lets players join public servers that have monthly users numbering in the millions according to the company.

What's more, Minecraft's visual pipeline has received a substantial upgrade, meaning the game might finally look impressive on anyone's 4K TV, thanks to better lighting, shadows, and water effects, the company said. However, they have not contributed to the concept of establishing cross-network compatibility between PlayStation consoles and consoles built by other manufacturers - namely the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch - presumably because they view other consoles as direct competitors, whereas PC gaming is another space entirely.

The event also unveiled a version of the hit fantasy role-playing game Skyrim tailored for play on PlayStation virtual reality gear.