Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Posted June 15, 2017

There's a sense of fun and adventure that captures the feeling of playing a Super Mario game for the first time (trust me, I've been playing since the first), with tons of new features, new enemies, insane new environments and more.

Some single-player Super Mario Odyssey gameplay was shown off during Nintendo's E3 Spotlight presentation, but during a behind-closed-doors meeting, the game's producer Yoshiaki Koizumi was asked about multiplayer and gave an interesting answer.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch in the holiday season this year.

We'll be going hands-on with Super Mario Odyssey shortly on the E3 show floor, but wow, this game looks utterly mental. Mario's famous plumber's cap is now an independent character which can fly around by itself.

Rocket League, Psyonix's successful soc-car game is now on the way to be launched with Nintendo Switch, the company announced during its E3 conference.

As you might expect from a port to Nintendo's newest console, it'll feature a raft of Nintendo items as cosmetic exclusives.

Metroid In another tease, but just as exciting, it was revealed that Metroid Prime 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Now we know when the next adventure will begin.

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Nintendo's other cute mascot, Yoshi, is also making a return with a 2D side-scroller that looks fairly similar to Yoshi's Wooly World, but with less wool, and a perspective-shifting element to the game.

Nintendo is having an awesome year, with the success of the Switch console.

Details about this Pokemon RPG are scarce at the moment, but this seems to be in line with the earlier rumors that there would be a core Pokemon game that is being developed for the Switch. This is something that Mario can use to smack or control enemies, create platforms and have it act as your sat nav around the new world.

It follows on from the announcement of the Super Mario Odyssey release date for Nintendo Switch.

Check the trailer below and see what you think. It'll be out on Switch on 27 October, and we'll have some hands-on impressions shortly once Nintendo pries us away from the demo machine. The Four champions appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available as Amiibos.