North Korea blasts Trump as 'silly,' 'ignorant' over Paris Accord withdrawal

Posted June 08, 2017

He was joined by mayors from around the state, who also signed an agreement to commit to the goals of the agreement, according to the New York Times.

Then, the governor signed HB 1578 (Act 033) which "establishes the Carbon Farming Task Force within the Office of Planning to identify agricultural and aquacultural practices to improve soil health and promote carbon sequestration - the capture and long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change".

Many industry leaders expressed their disappointment and their renewed commitment to fight climate change with or without the help of President Trump.

The city is joining dozens of others across the country, including Cleveland, in declaring opposition to President Trump's withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

"The selfish act of the US does not only have grave consequences for the global efforts to protect the environment, but poses great danger to other areas, as well", said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Spokeswoman Hannah Marr says Governor Hogan supports efforts to combat climate change, adding Maryland already has standards almost twice as strong than the Paris Accord. Unfortunately, President Trump's withdrawal informs the world that the USA can neither be trusted to act in good faith nor to lead nor to cooperate nor to do anything to stem global warming.

Internationally, Dolsak said, Trump's move will likely serve to embolden a phenomenon of other countries taking the lead on global issues.

The June 2-4 opinion poll suggests American voters may not penalize President Donald Trump too harshly for walking away from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, even if they would have preferred he keep the country in the deal.

While Chinese and European officials have indicated that they view Trump's decision as separate from the rest of American leadership, several US state leaders have proposed worldwide collaboration to curb carbon emissions.

Speaking at the European Development Days summit in Brussels, Amina J. Mohammed - deputy secretary-general of the United Nations - told an audience of 5,000 that it was imperative no other countries renege on their climate change commitments.

Gov. David Ige signed SB 559, which works to expand efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agreement with the worldwide agreement.

The legislation effectively makes limiting greenhouse emissions the law of the land.

The direct impact of the announcement will only be that the United States will stop implementing the non-binding parts of the agreement till the end of the Trump presidency.

Thirty cities, three states, more than 80 university presidents, and more than 100 companies recently launched another group with similar goals.