Russian foreign minister mocks media over Trump disclosures

Posted May 20, 2017

During a working visit to Cyprus, Lavrov said that what Trump actually told him was that Islamic State (IS) terrorists were capable of staffing untraceable explosives in laptops.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dismissed on Thursday U.S. press reports that President Donald Trump passed classified information to him when they met recently in the White House. Trump has admitted he shared information with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, saying he had every right to do so.

He joked that some US media were acting like communist newspapers during the Soviet Union and not offering real news.

"There used to be a joke in the Soviet Union that there was no news in the newspaper Pravda and no truth in the newspaper Izvestia", Lavrov said through a translator. But Trump told the Russians those things, the US officials said, as he described intelligence that led to the new rules banning electronic devices in the cabins of certain flights.

"It seems to me that any contact with the president of such a country as the United States is important and valuable, but we do not ever comment on the substance of talks", Ushakov said when asked how important for Moscow information voiced by Trump during talks with Lavrov was.

The Kremlin has dismissed reports that President Trump shared classified information with Russian officials last week as "complete nonsense", but some of America's allies are expressing concerns the US leader could be an unreliable keeper of secrets.

Brownlee said a resolution to the situation in Syria requires a concerted effort from the USA and Russian Federation, and he hoped the meeting between Mr. Trump and Lavrov would prove "a step towards that".

Trump responded by tweeting that as president, he had authority to disclose whatever he'd like. He did not deny discussing classified information.

Known so far is that Trump shared with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador a plot being hatched by ISIS, but NBC reveals more specifics about the plot as well as details the intelligence community (IC) is asking it and other media outlets not to reveal.