Nine Parchments is Headed to the Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Posted May 20, 2017

Nintendo recently revealed some interesting details about its upcoming title, "ARMS".

Arms is scheduled to release on June 16 and will be priced at $60 (roughly Rs. 3,900) on the Nintendo eShop.

Earlier this month, Emily Rodgers, who is famed in the industry for her insider knowledge of Nintendo releases, stated that there was a new Nintendo Switch game being worked on that combines the popularity of Super Mario with Ubisoft's crazed Rabbids characters.

Featured in a sizzle reel for a host of indie games both on and coming to the Nintendo Switch, you can clearly see the gorgeous Metroidvania shown at around the 6:30-minute mark.

"This Nintendo Direct presentation offered great reasons why ARMS is ideal for players of all ages, whether they are familiar with fighting games or not".

Now you have an idea on what's inside the game if you don't have one yet.

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct for ARMS, it was announced that there will be a Global Testpunch akin to Splatoon's Global Testfire events. "While next month's big title, ARMS, is an unknown quantity - it could be an unbelievable driver of console sales or a damp squib - July's Splatoon 2, a sequel to the company's biggest new IP in years, is absolutely certain to drive demand for Switch further into the stratosphere". Then there are 2-on-2 team fights where two fighters are bound by a string. The basic Fight mode lets you fight against one player, with bombs or healing items dropping on the arena. First Demo event will go live on May 27 and will end on May 28, 2017.

Players will be able to enjoy Silkshots in the game as well.

The single-player mode 1-on-100 is a time trial where you have to take down 100 enemies as fast as possible. Do you like these new colors?

Grand Prix and Party Match modes are also going to be part of the game.

As showcased in the video above, Owlboy is a ideal fit for the Nintendo Switch.