Jeremy Corbyn's Labour hits highest rating of campaign after manifesto launch

Posted May 20, 2017

Critics say the move leftwards stirs memories of the party's 1983 manifesto, described then by a Labour lawmaker as "the longest suicide note in history" for helping the Conservatives, and some have questioned how the party can fund its program.

Labour is now lagging May's Conservatives by as much as 20 percentage points in what has been turned into a presidential-style campaign and faces the loss of dozens of seats.

Wonder why The Daily Mail would feel intimidated by the thought of young people of colour exercising their democratic rights eh.?

Jeremy Corbyn's party are up eight points from last month to 34% with the Conservatives unchanged on 49%.

"I think there's a rumbling, a subterranean rumbling at the moment, where people are saying we want change".

"What we see from Labour's proposals today is that they don't add up and their nonsensical economic policies would mean that actually it was ordinary working families who would pay the price for Labour's coalition of chaos".

The Unite leader suggested winning 200 seats - almost 30 fewer than in 2015 - would be a "successful" result for United Kingdom leader Jeremy Corbyn.

This is an improvement of six points for the Labour leader compared to the same research from April of this year, with May's support dropping five points - cutting her lead to just 27 points.

"I'm not optimistic, but we'll wait and see".

It said it could cut annual water bills by £100 and energy bills by £120, stopping dividends to shareholders while cutting the cost of interest payments on the companies' debts as the government would be able to borrow more cheaply.

"These are made up numbers, based on a shambolic manifesto with a £58bn black hole at its heart".

When a journalist said he had spoken to candidates who did not want to be associated with Mr Corbyn, Mr McDonnell replied: "I don't accept anonymous sources anymore; name a name".

The party would also introduce a financial transactions levy and raise income tax for the top 5 percent of earners, adding a new top rate of 50 percent for people earning 123,000 pounds plus a year.

He also insisted his personal support for Corbyn was rock solid, heaping praise on Tuesday's manifesto launch, which proposed sweeping nationalizations, tax increases for the wealthy and a major boost in public spending to improve the National Health Service, social care and house-building.