Delhi BJP to lodge complaint with EC against AAP

Posted May 20, 2017

He said, "If the EC claims that its machines can not be tampered with, then, we demand them to give us their machines and we will show them by hacking it".

While AAP's Saurabh Bharadwaj, who is said to be an engineer, demonstrated how codes could be used to turn votes to favour any particular party, Kejriwal dared the EC to hand over their machines for AAP to demonstrate how they could be hacked as well.

Disqualifying candidates named in a charge sheet for bribing voters, making electoral graft a non-bailable offence and easing of rules to order counting of votes through paper trail are some of the other issues Election Commission will discuss with political parties today.

The demands included that the commission should allow technical inspection of its EVMs by the expert panels of various political parties to see if EVMs can be hacked. "The way controversies are cropping in connection with EVM tampering, this needs due attention", said Desai.

The poll panel dismissed his assertion outright saying the machine used by Bharadwaj was a "lookalike" of an ECEVM and therefore could be used to demonstrate "any magic" or tampering. "Polls should be held only on VVPAT-enabled machines so that paper trail guarantees integrity of the electoral process", he wrote.

The Delhi Assembly in a day-long special session passed a resolution on Tuesday urging President Pranab Mukherjee and the Election Commission to ensure that EVMs with VVPAT are used in all future elections.

"When there is a meeting scheduled the next day, they could have waited to raise their concerns in the meet", the official said. The Commission has also made proposal for amendments in the Income Tax Act and in the RP Act, 1951, for enhancing transparency in the funding of political parties.

"What they used is a prototype of an EVM".

The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal asked him to clarify the assembly about how the EVM gets tempered. "We are not in favor of EVM that is what we are asking the introduction of ballot papers", Roy said.

Nevertheless, the poll panel is expected to invite suggestions from the seven political parties - including the Congress, the AAP, the SP and the BSP - that are attending the meeting on what can be done to allay their fears that the BJP is rigging elections through hacked EVMs.

The Congress on Thursday attacked AAP over its protest at the Election Commission against EVM tampering and said there was "no need of protest" in view of the all-party meeting scheduled on Friday. The party on Tuesday had held a demonstration where it had attempted to show that EVMs could be rigged.