Vivint Partners With Mercedes-Benz to Sell Storage Alongside Solar

Posted May 19, 2017

Vivint will begin selling the Mercedes Benz home batteries to new customers in California later this year.

So far, Tesla were the only ones providing powerwall storage batteries for cars from solar cells in the USA but Mercedes-Vivint collaboration will provide an option for customers in what appears to be a future of electric vehicles.

Vivint Solar, an offshoot of Vivint Smart Homes, a company that can trace its roots back to the late 1990s with Provo startup APX Alarm Security Solutions, has installed more than 100,000 solar energy systems across the USA since being launched by its parent company in 2011. For those concerned about having to charge their cars on the grid when their solar power runs out, or during emergency power outages, they can be assured they can always go off the grid.

The market for energy storage is small, but growing rapidly as the costs of lithium-ion batteries fall.

Mercedes-Benz Energy has teamed up with Vivint Solar to take on Tesla's solar roof and Powerwall.

Mercedes-Benz is entering the budding market for home energy storage, partnering with solar installer Vivint Solar to offer home batteries to California residents this month.

Mercedes-Benz says the storage system consists of modular 2.5-kwh batteries, which may be combined to produce up to 20 kwh total.

"We see this as an evolving appetite that consumers are asking us to bring to them", Vivint Solar CEO David Bywater told Business Insider.

The Mercedes-Benz battery for solar home storage. "The launch of our home battery system in Europe has been successful and we are thrilled to be working with Vivint Solar to bring a reliable and compelling solar plus storage offering to American homes". The German company was looking to break into the US solar home storage market and already had implemented solar home storage in other countries.

Musk made that much clear at his initial solar-roof unveiling, where he discussed how a solar push would allow for the full integration of Tesla products: a Powerwall that both stores solar energy and juices up your Tesla electric vehicle.

The number-two solar installer, Sunrun, partnered with LG Chem to create its BrightBox hybrid offering, which went on sale in Hawaii and California a year ago.

The move is the latest in the solar industry's progression, started by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, of rolling battery and solar installations into one process.

For homeowners with solar power, the collaboration will provide them with more control over managing electricity costs and providing backup power if the grid goes down.

A recent survey by Greentech Media found residential storage in the USA costs between $1,300 and $2,000 per kilowatt-hour, excluding installation charges. In addition to being able to purchase a solar energy system outright, customers may benefit from Vivint Solar's affordable, flexible financing options or power purchase agreements.

Though the power rating of the Mercedez battery system can depend on the power electronics specific to particular installations, but in general it is 0.5 C up to 4 battery units.