Trump not personally under investigation, top senators say

Posted May 19, 2017

Speaking to reporters on the telephone, Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, noted America's "emotional obsession" with Russian Federation, adding confidently, however, that it "will end soon".

Answering the question whether such a political atmosphere may affect the upcoming meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump, Peskov said that the Russian "president has repeatedly expressed readiness for such meetings and the readiness to move further along the path of development of our relations as deeply as our partners in Washington are ready for it". "But, on the other hand, we understand that we need to be patient - this obsession will end soon".

"This is an absolutely internal affair of the United States, this is a sovereign decision by the USA president, which has absolutely nothing to do, or should have nothing to do with the Russian Federation", Peskov told a conference call with reporters.

The Kremlin feels cautious optimism about the prospects for an improvement in U.S.

Russia's role in President Trump's election victory remains an ongoing controversy in the United States, and it certainly doesn't seem like the Kremlin is at all pleased about it.

Lavrov also noted that he and the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would consider issues to be discussed by the two countries' leaders at their meeting scheduled for July.

Earlier this week, Peskov blamed the USA for renewed Cold War-era tensions in an interview with CBS.

Mr. Trump in his letter firing Director James B. Comey this week made a point of saying the top lawman had assured him three separate times that he wasn't under investigation - countering some of the more overheated speculation about the sprawling investigation.

The White House noted on Wednesday that the USA president lost confidence in Comey over the last few months and the decision was not related to the bureau's investigation into possible Trump-Russia ties. American journalists, to their shock, were barred from the Oval Office meeting - but not the sole Russian press member, who was allowed to enter.

In the call on Friday, Peskov reiterated Moscow's defense against the allegations.

The Kremlin-Washington relations significantly deteriorated during the last USA regime as former president Barack Obama passed many anti-Russia sanctions.