Toby Keith to perform in Saudi Arabia, but just for men

Posted May 19, 2017

The most concrete part of the idea is a mammoth US arms package for Saudi Arabia that Trump will also announce in Riyadh.

While he's in Saudi Arabia this weekend, Trump intends to unveil his ideas for what White House officials are calling an "Arab NATO" that would help lead a fight against terrorism, according to The Washington Post.

Controversially, Saudi Arabia was not on the list of countries affected by Trump'stravel ban.

Leaders of more than 50 mostly-Muslim countries, including Afghanistan and Pakistan from India's neighbourhood, are scheduled to attend the meeting convened by Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

"It will bolster the strategic partnership between the two countries". Sudan's president, who has been shunned by the United States for the past decade, is among those invited.

The United States is close to completing a series of arms deals for Saudi Arabia totaling more than $100 billion, a senior White House official said on Friday, a week ahead of President Donald Trump's planned visit to Riyadh.

A central role will be played by Saudi Arabia.

After repeated failures in Syria, the Obama administration in the last few years practically withdrew from direct and active involvement in the Middle East - which opened the door for Russian Federation and Iran to exert their influence and expand their dominance in the region.

Saudi Arabia will be seeking assurances that the Trump administration will continue its harsher tone towards Iran and keep up pressure, through both rhetoric and action, to stop what Riyadh sees as Tehran's destabilizing activities in the region.

The kingdom's control of the holy sites has been criticized by Muslims around the world.

President Richard Nixon did the same thing during his 1974 trip to the Middle East, which was the first time a sitting American president visited Israel. "The Gulf and Muslim leaders will not come to Riyadh because they love him", writer Ziad al-Drees wrote in the pan-Arabic newspaper al-Hayat. Furthermore, the Saudis were disappointed that the United States did not take action against President of Syria Bashar al-Assad and viewed Obama as taking the side of the Islamic Republic. The kingdom backs efforts to topple the Syrian government, which counts Iran and Russian Federation as its closest allies.

The Trump administration has heavily criticized the West's nuclear agreement with Iran that was backed by Obama.