Starbucks testing coffee ice cubes in 100 stores

Posted May 19, 2017

With summer right around the corner, many of us are trading in our classic morning java for a refreshing iced coffee.

But if we know anything about Starbucks drinkers, it's that they are addicted to their daily venti iced coffees.

Monday, Starbucks introduced coffee ice cubes (yes, ice cubes made of coffee) in 100 stores in St. Louis and Baltimore, Starbucks spokesperson Holly Shafer told USA TODAY. Adding the special ice cubes to a drink ensures that it doesn't get diluted by water in the warm weather. To remedy that untasty situation, Starbucks is testing ice cubes made of coffee. For an additional $.80, you can trade out standard water-based ice for cubes of frozen coffee, keeping your iced coffee from getting watered down (which is the worst, no?) PLUS adding that little extra caffeine boost. Of course, if the test doesn't expand - or you don't live in St. Louis or Baltimore - you could just make coffee ice at home.

The coffee ice cubes from Starbucks Corporation are also only going to be available for a limited amount of time. But while ice cubes dilute your coffee when they melt, coffee ice just melts into more coffee. However, if the test goes well, it is possible that the coffee chain will bring the option back, and include it at additional locations. It posted a recipe for coffee ice cubes to its 1912 Pike website a year ago.