Microsoft was hoarding patches for WannaCry exploit

Posted May 19, 2017

A ransomware called WannaCry held hostage a record 2,00,000 systems worldwide by May 15 - the fourth day in a series of online attacks - in what has been dubbed as the largest such cyber assault of its kind.

Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) under the Ministry of Information and Communications has urged organizations and companies nationwide to prevent possible attacks from WannaCry ransomware. "It would arguably be knowingly negligent to let those systems stay in place".

Being the software security provider to the recently hacked NHS has not hurt Sophos (SOPH). The monitoring process is likely to continue. We have more than 3,500 security engineers at the company, and we're working comprehensively to address cybersecurity threats.

Wipro Ltd officials told Express: "Wipro has not seen any impact". Because of this heavy risk, the security centre has warned that we must remain cautious and defensive. As per the RBI advisory, old ATMs will have to run a software update before they can be accessible to customers. Until Friday, Microsoft had not released a security update for Windows XP in over three years.

WannaCry, like the majority of ransomware and malware will arrive under your radar, as an email attachment or as a download on your PC.

Nemeroff cited how 85 percent of companies haven't yet upgraded to the latest Windows 10 operating system, according to Credit Suisse's corporate survey. "Organisations need to make use of it".

Pranesh Prakash, Policy Director at the Centre for Internet and Society, said, "Approaching the police after your machine is infected won't help". The ransomware campaign was unprecedented in scale according to Europol, which estimates that around 200,000 computers were infected across 150 countries.

A computer science lecturer in Shivamogga reportedly fell prey to WannaCry.

However, Bossert warned that following the patching advice from Microsoft and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be a top priority to stop the spread of ransomware, which has hit a number of large-profile companies, including FedEx. "All the data in the laptop was encrypted and there were no confidential files", he said.

Here are the steps to prevent your computer from the attack, as reported by CNET. This ransomware attack should work as an eye-opener.

The massive ransomware attack that began last week and hit computers around the world should send a "wake-up call" to governments that have kept vulnerabilities secret to exploit them, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said yesterday in a blog post. In some cases, it was individuals and also few private firms.