Jury Acquits Tulsa Police Officer in Fatal Shooting of Black Man

Posted May 19, 2017

The jury was made up of eight women and four men - including three black jurors.

Before announcing the verdict, Judge Doug Drummond said, "This was a very hard case with lots of hard issues".

"Shelby looked stone-faced when the verdict was read, but Crutcher's family was quickly ushered out of the courtroom sobbing and wailing".

"Terence was not the aggressor", said Tiffany Crutcher, Terence Crutcher's twin sister.

The charge she faces, first degree manslaughter, which is in the heat of passion, requires a jury to find that: the death of a human, caused by defendant, was not excusable or justifiable and was in the heat of passion at the time of death.

But Bynum wasnt specific enough with details of how he would heal Tulsas racial wounds, and words will ring hollow without measurable change, Crutchers family and supporters said. Mr. Crutcher's father, Joseph Crutcher, told reporters after the verdict, "I have four grandchildren that are at home that has lost their daddy". "What I got out of this case was that a coverup was exposed". The SUV belonged to Crutcher. I said I would accept whatever the verdict was, and I'm going to do that.

"When is it going to stop - just officer-related shootings?"

Demonstrators chanted, "No Justice, No Peace" and "Hands up, don't shoot!" in the streets. However, Shelby has maintained that she acted out of fear surrounding the totality of the circumstances and that race was not a factor or otherwise contributed to her decision to pull the trigger.

But we heard others say Shelby was found not guilty because she's a cop and thinks she might be above the law.

On September 16, 2016, Crutcher's SUV stalled in the middle of the street. Crutcher was stranded on the side of the road after having vehicle trouble.

A lawyer for Ms Shelby said the officer was "elated" that the jury found her not guilty.

The defense was allowed to introduce testimony showing Crutcher did not comply with officers' commands in prior incidents. She also said he was sweating heavily and smelled of PCP chemicals.

Crutcher lay on the ground for two minutes before the police checked him out. However, no weapon was found within the vehicle after a police investigation. Shelby asked Crutcher if the auto was his, but only mumbled to himself and didn't respond, according to an affidavit.

"We're not trained to see what comes out of a auto", Shelby testified. "We're trained to stop a threat, and by all indications, he was a threat".

At that point, Shelby fired her weapon and Turnbough fired his Taser, she testified.

Crutcher, who was unarmed, was seen walking to his auto with his hands up before reaching into the driver's side window. All the elements of manslaughter were there. They blame her for turning a routine traffic matter into a deadly confrontation by acting unreasonably and escalating the situation.

Photo of Betty Shelby courtesy of Twitter. "Crutcher's death is his fault".

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said defense attorneys know it was "a bad shoot".