Congressman calls for impeachment of Donald Trump on House floor

Posted May 19, 2017

"The act is the obstruction of a lawful investigation of the president's campaign ties to Russian influence in his 2016 presidential election". Plus, President Trump can blame the media and intelligence agencies for impeachment charges, which boosts his anti-establishment status, the bank also said.

Democratic Party operatives, McClatchy reported, acknowledged that they were caught off guard by how fast impeachment became a relevant issue and said that they now fear the political blowback that could occur if it's not handled correctly.

"The out-of-the-blue ouster of FBI Director James Comey is more proof that we need an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate any and all ties between the Trump administration and Russian Federation", he said.

"Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey", Trump said in an interview MSNBC aired Friday.

"I rise today, Mr Speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the United States of America for obstruction of justice", Green began in a sermon-like speech.

It's unclear whether Congress will get moving and start any proceedings to get Trump impeached, even though several prominent congresspeople are calling for it, like Representatives Al Green and Maxine Waters.

If the complicated process is followed through, Trump would be the third president to be impeached, after Andrew John and Bill Clinton. He has also spent 10 years as president of the Houston branch of the NAACP.

But what other crimes are impeachable offenses was left for Congress to sort out. To do otherwise would cause some Americans to lose respect for, and obedience to, our societal norms.

Impeachment, of the President, by the House of Representatives is not a finding of guilt. But today, the Senate judiciary committee and the Senate intelligence committee both requested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation turn over those memos Comey allegedly wrote about his conversations with the president.

The bank added that hard economic data have not yet given clear evidence of a strong USA economy and soft data have decreased slightly.

Impeachment therefore is at the crossroads of politics and the law.

Online wagering sites are taking bets on whether Donald Trump, mired in controversies over the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, will serve out a full term as the 45th U.S. president or will be impeached before year-end.

"Our mantra should be 'I".

Though Green says he will formally call for impeachment before his colleagues on Wednesday, the congressman had actually called for impeachment on Monday.